The secrets of a strong application.

Your application is all about one individual – yourself. As such, the way in which it is structured can have a major impact on the first impression we form of you. Follow these tips to increase your chances of being invited to interview at the BILSTEIN GROUP.

1. Emphasize your strengths.

If you already have some professional experience, you’re likely to know where your strengths lie. For career starters who are a little less certain however, we recommend you talk to your friends, family and teachers to analyse your strong points. It is important to touch on both professional and social skills here.

2. Focus on the letter.

Your covering letter is the cornerstone of your application, and, unlike your references, offers the opportunity to express yourself. So don’t just limit yourself to specifying the position you’re applying for. Tell us about who you are and what makes you stand out, and give us an insight into your talents and strengths. Keep it to one side of A4, ensuring that the letter is both engaging and free of errors. After reading it, we should be in little doubt as to why our company should hire you.

3. Brush up your CV.

Another key component of any application is your CV, which should be in table form. It is important you chart your full professional history here, without leaving any time unaccounted for. Make sure you structure everything clearly and in the correct chronological order.

4. Get your references together.

Employers’ references provide important evidence of your development path to date. Experienced hires should provide one or more professional references, giving a full assessment of performance and a description of responsibilities. School leavers and graduates should provide their degree and leaving certificates.

5. Don’t forget your photo.

A pleasant portrait photo is a good way of rounding off your application. Your pose and appearance give us a first impression of how you would represent the BILSTEIN GROUP to others. If you would like to send us a photo, ask yourself two quick questions first: 1. Can you identify with and relate to the photo? 2. Is it less than two years old? If the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes’, you have likely made the right choice.

6. Prepare for your interview.

The better you are prepared, the more relaxed you will be at interview, and the better both sides will be able to get a good feel for each other. Think about why your personality is a good fit for the BILSTEIN GROUP, your expectations of the position you have applied for, and your medium and long-term objectives – this is what we will want to discuss with you. It is also important that you don’t pass up what is a great opportunity to ask us a few questions of your own.